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Game Over For Dead Batteries

Final Fantasy 3 One of those things we know will happen but we don't want to think about is the fact that our classic game cartridges that contain batteries for saving games will someday die.  Nintendo Entertainment System games have been dropping dead for several years now, but as the Super NES library grows older it too will begin to fall prey to dead batteries.  Fortunately all is not lost.  Although you will lose your decade-old saved game data, it is possible to change the battery inside the game pak so that any future progress can be saved.  Retrogaming with Racketboy walks us through the process.

I must be very lucky, because none of my game batteries from any generation have dropped dead yet.  From Zelda II to Earthbound to Super Mario 64 my game data lives on into the twenty-first century.  It'll be a sad day when my beloved Level 99 characters and high scores shuffle off to the great digital beyond.