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Where's Viewtiful Joe 3?

ViewtifuljoeOne of the new franchises launched in this generation is Capcom's Viewtiful Joe, a series developed by Clover that in just the span of a few years has spawned two main games ported across two consoles, a touchscreen-specific Nintendo DS title, a brawler title, and an anime series (Saturday morning cartoon to those in North America).  Beat that, Mega Man!  But as the folks at NeoGAF are wondering, where is Viewtiful Joe 3?

After a sequel that didn't really add much, some sub-Smash Bros brawlers, an ok DS offering and a Saturday morning kids show do you think Clover has just given up on this series? I know it's supposed to be a trilogy, but I can't think of what they'd add other than the kid from the cartoon (shudder). Will the final game show up this gen, will they try to bring it to next gen (there could be some interesting things done) or will Clover just forget about Joe?

The only of the Joes I've played for any period of time is Viewtiful Joe 2, and while it was certainly fun and challenging, it seems as if when Joe didn't become the best character since the last big new hero, he was quietly canned.  Capcom obviously had big plans for him, but the market must not have been there in the long run.  Joe could be doomed to sit on the sidelines with other underselling heroes such as Bubsy the Bobcat, Plok, and Aero the Acrobat.