Where's Viewtiful Joe 3?
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Where's Chrono Trigger DS?


UPDATE: Better late than never!

Not a Viewtiful Joe fan?  How about Chrono Trigger?  It must be "bring it back" day over at NeoGAF, as another discussion as appeared pondering a remake/port of the classic Super NES RPG Chrono Trigger for the Nintendo DS.  Intrigued yet?  Not so much?  What about this:

Chrono Trigger: Dual Saga, which is Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross retold in one story, remade for the DS!

Yes, please!  Just before the coming of the Nintendo 64 I took a chance on an RPG from Squaresoft, a company and genre I'd largely avoided because I wasn't (and am still not, generally) a fan of swords and sorcery and dragons and "get the Ring Of Malfoor to the Peak Of Balphamot" kinds of storylines.  The time travel aspect of Chrono Trigger appealed to me though, and I went on to rent the game over and over again over for several months until one day someone rented the game and never returned it.  Friends would come over to play Nintendo and they too would get wrapped up into the saga of Crono and his team and their struggle against Lavos.  So where's the Chrono Trigger franchise now?  Where's the Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior template of sequels and remakes?  C'mon, Square-Enix, show a classic RPG a little love... one that deserves it for a change!

Hut, hut, Sir Magus!