Skull Kid Comes Home
Mini-Review: Clubhouse Games

Weekly Poll: Samus On Your Shelf

Weekly Poll for 10-9-2006 More of you out there should try creating your own custom game levels.  I found that for Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis that the creation process is just as fun as the main game.  I just wish I had an outlet for swapping levels.  Using Friend Codes to restrict who can download which levels is one of Nintendo's more boneheaded decisions.  What good is a level repository if the levels are kept locked away from the general public?

Moving along, with news of the upcoming Skull Kid statue I find myself seriously considering buying the Samus Aran statue also offered by the figurine company.  I like to decorate my apartment with prints and objects that mean something to me, and one thing I do not have yet is anything classy related to video games.  I'm not going to hang up a cheesy promotional poster or display a Happy Meal wind-up toy.  The statues, on the other hand, look to be a good fit.  So how about you?  Would you buy a statue of a gaming character?  Or would you hold out for characters with which you have a special bond?  Cast your vote and leave some comments, and while you're doing that I'll be buying the last Samus Aran statue out from under you.