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Want To Preorder A PS3? Better Get Cracking!

Sony PlayStation 3Ladies and gentlemen, start your wallets!  GameStop has very suddenly announced that today (and only today in most cases) is the day to preorder a Sony PlayStation 3 from both GameStop and EBGames locations.  You'll need a $100 deposit and lots of patience.  GameSpot has the news.

Starting Tuesday morning, GameStop and EB Games stores will begin accepting "limited" preorders for the system with a $100 deposit. The preorders are "limited" in that very few will be received, and customers will not be guaranteed a PS3 on its November 17 US launch day.

So spend some of your hard-earned money and you'll get a console eventually, I guess.  A co-worker here at my office is gung-ho for a PS3 (primarily for the new Ridge Racer game) and I keep telling him to save his money for after the holidays.  I have a sneaky suspicion that the launch of the PS3 is going to be the most undersupplied launch in the history of modern console gaming.  The demand for consoles is just too high to support the limited supply.  We're looking at a situation where lots of folks are going to go home empty handed on and after launch day, either because there were just no consoles left to buy or because someone cracked the buyer in the head with a lead pipe and stole the beloved console during the walk from the store to the car.  I say wait for the dust to settle and buy a console on your own terms, not the preorder terms laid down by a retailer with limited stock during the busiest shopping season of the year.  No console is worth a crack to the head with a lead pipe.