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Lies, Damn Lies, And Luigi As A Playable Character

Test Your 8-Bit IQ

A winner is me! Gather 'round, folks, because it's time for another of the Internet's little quizzes.  We've all seen online tests that promise to tell you if you're a gaming fanboy or which attractive celebrity would most be willing to sleep with you, and usually those quizzes are rife with spelling errors and inaccurate information (such as the notion that an attractive celebrity would be willing to sleep with you).  But here's a nice little surprise: a quiz that tests your knowledge of the Nintendo Entertainment System library of games, both common and obscure.  Best of all, it never insults your intelligence.  All you have to do is identify the game depicted in the screenshot and box art.  Can you beat my score of 2,000?  No, of course you cannot, as 2,000 is the maximum score.  Give the quiz a try anyway.