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Talladega Nights Just as the first Sony PlayStation Portable boxes included a UMD version of Spider-Man 2, so shall history repeat itself when the PlayStation 3 launches next month in North America with a Blu-Ray version of Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby included.  On the one hand, more stuff in the box for the same price is always good.  On the other hand, I gotta ask: why Talladega Nights?

I understand how Sony wants to whet the Blu-Ray appetite, but I'd think the company would have chosen a movie that includes vivid special effects that can show off the high definition abilities of the Blu-Ray format.  And this isn't just about Talladega.  It seems like subpar comedies are the dominant genre on the Blu-Ray market.  I've seen plenty of ads for Adam Sandler films on Blu-Ray, and now here comes Will Ferrell.  I have nothing against these movies, but where's the amazing sci-fi or action showpiece that'll wow viewers?