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Clubhouse GamesI'm still enjoying Nintendo's Clubhouse Games for the Nintendo DS.  However, I've discovered an odd quirk (bug?) in the game.  You see, the game supports the Rumble Pak.  Insert that vibrating game pak into the DS's second slot and Clubhouse will alert me when it's my turn to play by giving the DS a slight shake.  The problem comes when I close the DS and put it into sleep mode.  For some reason when the Rumble Pak is in use when Clubhouse goes to sleep the DS speakers start letting out static sound blasts.  Nintendo is known for its stellar customer service, so I e-mailed their crack tech support team with the following message:


I recently bought Clubhouse Games and have been enjoying it.  However, I've noticed an odd quirk while playing the game.

I'm using an original model Nintendo DS (purchased November 2004) and a Rumble Pak accessory to play Clubhouse Games.  When I close the DS and put the system into sleep mode the speakers begin to emit a static popping noise.  The static pops are synchronized to the DS's green flashing light.  Every time the light flashes, the static pops.  When I open the DS back up the noise stops.  This only happens when the Rumble Pak is inserted.  If a GBA game is in the secondary slot the static does not occur when putting the system into Sleep Mode.

My question is: why does this happen?  Is there a way to keep it from happening? 

Matthew Green

Five days later an automated response arrived apologizing for a lack of a solution and an invitation to call tech support for more information.  I'm not afraid to spend time on hold waiting for the next available operator, but I figured before I did so I'd turn this question over to all of you out there in Internetland.  Have you come across this Clubhouse Games quirk?  If so, were you able to solve it?  I've gone back to playing the game without rumble functionality (thereby eliminating the static), but it's a shame to have a Rumble Pak gathering dust on my desk when it could be in use.