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Skull Kid Comes Home

Skull Kid You know how much I love Nintendo memorabilia, so when I learned of the collectible statues being produced by First 4 Figures I was naturally interested in learning more about just which characters would be immortalized.  First up was Fierce Deity Link from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and now today this photo of the next figure landed in my e-mailbox.  Ladies and gentlemen, meet Skull Kid.  From the press release:

The Skull Kid was a curious little fellow, often finding trouble in the most unexpected of places with his fairy friends Tatl and Tael. One day in the forest, the trio happened to come across the most peculiar of people, a traveling mask salesman. When the merchant was paying him no mind, the Skull Kid took a very precious mask. This was no ordinary mask; this was a special mask, a dark and cursed mask. This was Majora's Mask. Donning the strange artifact, the Skull Kid would harness a power far beyond his imagination. Little did he know, however, that he was to become a puppet, an unsuspecting pawn to the very mask itself. Possessed and corrupted, the once lighthearted and amusingly mischievous imp inadvertently unleashes a powerful and threatening force upon the peaceful inhabitants of Termina. Now time is running nigh, as the will of Majora swiftly mobilizes its servant into drawing an ominous moon from the heavens on a collision course towards the helpless people below…

For just $99.99 you can get your own Skull Kid early next year.  Here's my problem though.  If I'm going to put down $100 on a Nintendo statue, I want it to be a statue of a character with which I have a bond.  Give me classic Link holding the Master Sword and his Hylian shield, or even Ganondorf in his famous menacing pose.  I really don't have a connection with Skull Kid.  The craftsmanship on the model looks fantastic, don't get me wrong.  I'd just like to buy a statue of a character I know and love.