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PS3 Scammers On The Prowl

Merchant Hey, buddy, have I got a deal for you!  Yeah, you there, walking from your car into the store.  I found a whole crate of new Sony PlayStation 3 consoles in unmarked boxes at, uh, a loading dock, yeah, and I need to get rid of them fast.  I'll sell you one right now out of the back of my van for only $200.  We got a deal?  I certainly hope not.  The classic con of selling high priced boxes of junk in parking lots to unsuspecting and gullible people is alive and well.  This morning a friend of a co-worker was approached in the parking lot of the Lenox Square mall in Atlanta, GA by some Nigerian-accented men in a van.  The van's passenger claimed there were brand new PS3s in the back of the van and my co-worker's friend could buy one right now for $200.  Thankfully the intended victim was smart and turned down the deal with some sharp profanity, avoiding the con and sending the scammers on their way.  I mention this little tale here as a public service announcement not to be blinded by the possibility of cheap PS3s that come from the back of a van. 

Just about everybody has been approached by scammers such as these.  Several months ago a van pulled up next to my car where I was loading groceries into the trunk and the driver offered "top of the line" large stereo speakers big enough to fill a room for $200.  I turned down the offer and the con men drove away to find a new mark while I quietly chuckled at the fact that the speakers they claimed to be selling out of the back of their van could not have possibly fit inside their vehicle.  If you're going to run this scam at least use a van large enough to contain the supposed items for sale.