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Tommy LasordaRemember, my friends, that no matter how terrible of a day you have or how rotten your life seems at any given moment, take heart and remind yourself of this inspiring message: "At least I didn't draw the box art for Mega Man."  Yes, mocking horrible video game box art is old hat by now, but I can never get enough of artwork from the bottom of the barrel.  There's a great forum topic at NeoGAF packed full of good old fashioned nightmare fuel.  Best of all, most of them are new to me.  Prepare to cringe at the sights of Rival Turf, Final Zone II, Anticipation, and Street Warrior (or is it Joe Blade 2?).  And that's not even mentioning the bizarre Japanese games featuring men who sweat, men who cry, and sweaty crying men.  And did I mention White Van Racer?  Seriously, some of these must be seen to be believed.  Just keep in mind that once you see these pictures, you can't unsee them.