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Lik-Sang Attacked For Massive Damage

Lik-Sang If you've been anywhere in the online gaming community in the past day you've surely heard by now that popular Hong Kong gaming importer/exporter Lik-Sang has closed up shop after the cost of defending against lawsuits brought by Sony has drained the company dry.  There's a long, sordid story going on here with lots of "he said / she said", and in the end it's hard to tell who is at fault here.  Lik-Sang claims that Sony used some legal trickery in a lawsuit against the company, while Sony claims somewhat otherwise.  There's plenty of weasel words in play, so it's hard to tell just who did what to whom.

I've never purchased anything from Lik-Sang, but I've browsed their catalog many times and would have bought a few things had they ever been in stock.  In the end it's sad to see the company go, as it offered gamers a chance to pick up gaming items from other regions with relative ease.  So much for globalization of the free market, eh?