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Weekly Poll: Calm Before The Storm

Weekly Poll for 9-14-2006It looks like an overwhelming number of you out there are pleased with the launch details for Nintendo's new Wii console.  November is coming up fast, and in some respects it can't get here fast enough.  This summer has been very slow for me in the game journalism department.  Nobody's releasing notable GameCube games anymore, meaning there's not much to review.  I'm eager to get back into the swing of things with some Wii reviews.

And speaking of November, there's just about a month or so until the Wii and Sony PlayStation 3 finally arrive in stores (and then our living rooms and bedrooms).  How are you passing the time until then?  Replaying your old games?  Content with television and the Internet?  Or will you be waiting a lot longer than just a month for some next generation excitement (Europe, I'm looking at you)?  Vote in the poll and leave your comments.  Together we will make it to November before you know it.