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The World Of Nintendo: Second Strike

Super Mario 64 Original Soundtrack During the era of the Nintendo Entertainment System you couldn't swing a Master Sword without hitting some kind of non-game Nintendo gear: t-shirts, trash cans, fruit snacks... Mario and his many friends were everywhere.  As the company's original young fans began to grow older, however, a lot of the more blatant kiddie-oriented goodies were dropped (think about it - when is the last time you saw a Super Mario ice cream sandwich?).  By 1996 Nintendo's "other" products were limited to all kinds of happening, with-it, cool shirts, hats, and storage cases. takes us back in time to the launch of the Nintendo 64 and the little poster/catalog that came with it in the box.

There’s so much to digest on this poster that I’ll leave the commentary up to you, aside from one thing: denim shirts and caps must have been way more popular in the mid-1990s than I ever realized at the time. Oh, and also that I want the B. Orchid poster. As you know, nothing says “N64″ quite like absurdly perky polygonal breasts. And Killer Instinct.

Times certainly had changed for me by this point in history.  The Super Mario bed sheets were long gone and new secondary Nintendo gear wasn't coming into my room as it once had.  Looking back at this poster I see where the only thing offered that I owned (and still do have) is the Super Mario 64 soundtrack on CD and the game's Player's Guide.  No T-shirts, no hats, no storage cases.  We all have to grow up sometime, it seems.

And honestly, of all of the women in Nintendo's catalog to put on a pin-up poster, they chose B. Orchid?  No wonder Nintendo lost the lead in the game market around this time.