Bleak Season Ahead For PlayStation Fans
The Evolution Of Star Fox Command

The Power Of Star Fox

ArwingMy little corner of the world is known for its intense afternoon and evening thunderstorms, so it was no surprise when yesterday evening a massive lighting storm pushed through my neighborhood.  The worst of the weather came just before 8:00pm, and with all the lightning lighting up the sky I turned off all the electronics and unplugged everything of value in just of a power surge.  I ended up laying in bed and playing Star Fox Command on my Nintendo DS while waiting for the storm to pass.

Let me tell you, this new Star Fox game deserves extra points for being an immersive experience.  Just as I blew up the enemy mother ship over Aquas, lightning struck the electrical transformer outside my window, causing my entire bedroom to light up with blindingly bright blue light while the intense sounds of electricity crackled and frazzled against the booming thunder.  The lights in my room flickered for a moment before everything was plunged into darkness, leaving me thinking that if destroying a mere mothership elicits this kind of effect, what will happen when I defeat an actual boss?