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The Obscure World Of Super Famicom

Ganbare Daiku No Gensan Think you've played your share of Super NES games?  Even the really rare and unusual ones?  Pull up a chair and take a look at the games you most likely haven't played over at AssemblerGames where a forum denizen by the name of Steve is posting comprehensive looks at intriguing Super Famicom games that never made it into North America and beyond; games such as Godzilla Monster Super Battle, a sequel to Hammerin' Harry, Battle Cross, Super Bomberman 3, 4, & 5, and even a second adventure for Milon of Milon's Secret Castle fame.

I love learning about quality obscure games that I missed out on back in the day.  There was a time when these little titles may get a small paragraph or two in the likes of Electronic Gaming Monthly and then that would be all we'd ever know about games that never left Japan.  Now thanks to the Internet all of the old secrets are open for perusal and exploration.  Say what you will about the online revolution, but sometimes being able to read up on old mysteries is what makes the Internet such a valuable tool.  Forget e-mail and instant messaging.  Learning about Rendering Ranger: R2 is where it's at.