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The Evolution Of Star Fox Command

Star Fox Command If it seems like I'm on a Star Fox kick this week then it's because Star Fox Command for the Nintendo DS has turned out to be much better than I'd anticipated.  Developer Q Games has really cleaned up the gameplay since E3.  Now IGN has an interview with some of the folks from Q Games in which Star Fox Command is thoroughly picked apart.  All kinds of good things are discussed including how the game concept evolved to the final version, the challenges behind punishing online cheaters, and, for the record, an official confirmation at long last that Star Fox Command is based on the aborted-but-complete Super NES title Star Fox 2.

Star Fox 2 was developed fully to completion and that was all range, there were no rails in that game either. And a lot of the people involved in that game were upset that it didn't get released. So we basically took the ideas of that game. We really tried to maintain the feel of Star Fox. Even though there isn't any rail shooting in the game, you still feel like you're playing Star Fox. A lot of people do expect there to be rail shooting and in a future game they'll definitely be implemented. The pace of the game needs to match the player, so it's up to you to decide if you want to play a quick game or a long game. It's a different style of game.

I find it gratifying that someone from within the Nintendo machine (in this case, the developers of both Super NES Star Fox titles and the new Command) has finally raised the specter of Star Fox 2.  That is one game that just totally fell off the map after it was canceled, as Nintendo has outright ignored its completed existence.  The game was finished, fer cryin' out loud.  Release it already!  Oh, and for all of us hoping to see the dead sequel on the Virtual Console download service?

IGN: Do you think we might actually see the original Star Fox 2 on the Virtual Console or the DS itself?

Imamura: Heh… probably not.

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