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Street Fighter II Not Limited To Arcades And Consoles

Street Fighter II for PC How many times have you bought Street Fighter II over the years?  Did you snap up the Super NES version, only to later buy the Sega Genesis Special Champion Addition with added characters?  And then again with the Turbo edition for the Super NES?  And the various versions of Super Street Fighter II?  Yes, Capcom's famous fighting game has been ported to just about every kind of home console.  However, back when Fighter fever was enrapturing the world, Capcom licensed the game out to PC developers to create home versions for computers.  Scary Crayon takes a look back at these versions as well as the various pirated variations of the game.

You'd think it would've been relatively simple to make a decent [Street Fighter II] port, but instead they put out a game that plays a whole lot like the other PC fighters of the day, complete with high-flying jumps across the screen and nonexistent combos and rampant cheapness and ridiculous multi-hit moves that can kill you with the proper placement. I liked this game because it was the only SF goodness I had, but once I got my fill of Chun-Li and Blanka and Dhalsim you can best believe I moved on to better PC games and deleted SF2 to make space for them.

I had the PC version a long time ago, as I'd traded away a game to a friend for it.  As this article indicates, it wasn't all that great.  It was my first exposure to Street Fighter II, and looking back on it I bet the crummy PC version was the reason I didn't have any interest in the game until several years later.  In fact, not only did I not like the PC version, but I erased the disks on which they came in order to save my progress on better games.  So much for preserving history.