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Resident Evil for Game Boy ColorNot too long ago we took a look at old screenshots of games from when those games were still early in development.  Now it looks like we've hit the mother lode on beta images.  Unseen64 is on a mission to archive as many pre-release images and videos as possible for a variety of consoles.  Nintendo products are the most heavily represented, but there's some Sega goodies in there as well as a little 3DO action.

Marvel at early versions of Banjo-Kazooie, Goemon 64, Castlevania: Resurection, Resident Evil for Game Boy Color (in 3D!), Mini Racers 64 (unreleased), Yoshi's Island 64, Phantasy Star V, and many more.  The catch?  The descriptive text for each game isn't in English.  Once again we're left to wonder what became of some of these games and what would have happened if the final versions reflected early developmental roots.