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"I Won't Break 'Cause I'm A Street Fighter!": The Street Fighter 2 Rap

Street Fighter 2 rap albumSome things in this life just should not exist.  Consider this album based on Capcom's popular Street Fighter 2 line of fighting games.  In 1995 Capcom teamed up with Sony Records to produce this CD of SF2 rap songs.  Yes, you read that right.  It's an album of Street Fighter 2 rap.  Released only in Japan, this disc includes six songs, all of which are basically the same song but with differing lengths and instrumental background beats (there's a radio mix, a club mix, and so on).

The main song variation on which this is all based not only includes a vocal track about the world of street fighting ("I won't break 'cause I'm a street fighter!"), but also features a number of voice sound effects from the actual game.  Right in the middle of a verse you'll hear "Sonic Boom!" and "Tiger Uppercut!" mixed into the background.  It's truly a bizarre by-product of the Street Fighter marketing machine, as something this terrible can only be amusingly entertaining.  Did Capcom (or Sony Records, for that matter) ever expect the "radio edit" to get actual radio play?  Did people burn up the dance floor with the "club edit" at one point in time?  If you believe you can handle the horrors of the Street Fighter 2 rap then check out the CD's first track, "Psycho Crusher".  You'll have that catchy beat stuck in your head all day long afterwards, but that's okay.  You won't break 'cause you're a street fighter.