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Bruce Takes On The Rumors

BruceIt's no secret that I despise baseless video game rumors.  It can be quite a challenge to separate the glimmers of truth from the pile of junk that tends to circulate among the video game rumor mill.  Now someone's doing a little something about it.  AMN has just launched its latest division,  We've turned rumor debunking duties over to Bruce, a former New York police officer who has left the force and now guards the warehouse of a major video game publisher.  Or maybe he's just a fictional composite used to give a single face to the site.  Either way, Bruce is tackling the rumors and stamping out the untruths.

So far this week Bruce has tackled rumblings of a North America price drop for the Sony PlayStation 3, famed developer Treasure's supposed project for Nintendo's Wii, and talk of Wal-Mart's supposed blunder at not ordering Wii demo units in time for the holiday rush.  The video game community can only benefit as long as Bruce is on the job (or the group of AMN staffers who portray him; whatever).