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Are You In Need Of Common Sense?

Common Sense Training I don't believe I've ever said this before, but I have found a video game that every single person needs to play.  This game should be a requirement for anybody who leaves their home to interact with the outside world.  It's all too evident that people these days lack basic common sense and general politeness.  Nintendo is stepping up to help change that with a new "common sense trainer" for the Nintendo DS done in the style of Brain Training and Big Brain AcademyKotaku has a blurb that isn't in Japanese.

The above picture shows a taxi. Each red dot represents an available passenger seat. Four company employees are about to get in the taxi. In ranking of superiority, where does the most important person sit? Brain training games are old hat. Next up, Nintendo has rolled out "Common Sense DS Adult Training." The game teaches manners for business and ceremonial occasions, economic terms and IT words.

I'm serious.  Everybody should play this game.  It could only help our modern society.  No more bad drivers, no more slobbish table manners, and no more being surrounded by stupid people.  Alright, that last one is a stretch, but a man can dream, can't he?  A man can dream.