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8-Bit Bootleg Bowser Battle

Super Mario World Last year I called your attention to a pirated version of Super Mario World prepared by bootleggers in Hong Kong for the plain ol' Nintendo Entertainment System.  Although the version of the game commonly floating around the Internet is incomplete (it ends before the Forest of Illusion), there is another version lurking in the shadows that is complete, and no I can't tell you where to find it.  However, I can tell you where to find a video clip of the final showdown against Bowser in his Koopa clown car.  I still find it interesting at how much of the Super Mario World experience translates down to the 8-bit platform.  Again, if the pirates could produce this half-hearted attempt at a NES Super Mario World, imagine what Nintendo could have accomplished on the similar console architecture of, say, the Game Boy Color.  After all, Donkey Kong Country made the legitimate leap downward to the GBC and look how it turned out

(via The Lost Levels)