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What's The Deal With No Seinfeld Game?

Kramer, George, Elaine, and JerryWhile reading an article on GameSpot about Jerry Seinfeld's upcoming computer animated comedy Bee Movie, I came across this sentence in regards to the video game adaptation of the film:

Unfortunately for those dreaming of guiding an agitated George Costanza through oncoming traffic, the game will not be based on the show Seinfeld.

Forget Bee Movie; bring on the Seinfeld game!  I can just see it now: it's a 3D adventure game set in New York City where players visit such famous locales as Jerry's apartment, George's office at Yankee Stadium, the Soup Nazi's restaurant, Elaine's office at J. Peterman, Kramer's Merv Griffin set, and many more.  Choose to play as Jerry, George, Kramer, or Elaine and complete various show-related missions such as racing to the Soup Nazi's restaurant before Elaine runs him out of business, fleeing from Crazy Joe Davola, or getting George into his sealed office at Play Now.  Obstacles include encountering Uncle Leo on the street; he grabs Jerry's arm and won't stop talking, slowing Jerry down and costing him precious time. Unlock hidden playable characters such as Newman, J. Peterman, Frank Costanza, and Kenny Bania.  The original cast could provide new voice clips, while Seinfeld and Larry David put together the game's massive entwining story arc.  We're not going to get a Seinfeld television reunion anytime soon, so this could be the next best thing.  It could be the best, Jerry, the best!