Microsoft Announces Xbox 360 Homebrew Kit
Applause For Retro Mario Figurines

Weekly Poll: Homebrew It Yourself

Weekly Poll for 8-06-2006There's a lot of Castlevania love in these poll results, although I'm surprised that quite a few of you out there have no interest in Symphony of the Night.  Give it a try when it hits the various retro gaming download services.  You won't be disappointed unless you make the same mistake I did and sell the Silver Ring for some quick money.  Without the ring I cannot get the item required to reach the second half of the game.  If you're about to say to yourself "But you can't sell the Silver Ring" please tell me where I went wrong, because I no longer have it in my inventory.

As for this week, I know there's a healthy interest in homebrew gaming creation for the next generation consoles.  Back at E3 I received a small handful of e-mails asking me to check on official indie development options from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.  At the time nobody had an official statement ready, but now today comes word of Microsoft's Creators Club.  So, all you homebrewers out there, I ask you: will you be subscribing to Microsoft's homebrew development kit program?