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Weekly Poll: Couple Days Off

Weekly Poll for 8-21-2006Ah, so the Wiis have it then.  A good chunk of you out there are prepared to leap into the unknown control scheme, which given that most of us are ready to go all-out for the Wii itself shouldn't be too surprising.  I'm even hoping to take a day or two off from my day job once Twilight Princess launches so that I can just fully immerse myself in the Hyrule experience for a while.  It's like a vacation, and best of all I don't need to pack anything for the journey.

I can't be the only one planning such a trip to a fictional world.  How many among you out there are planning a few days off from work or school to bond with the Nintendo Wii or the Sony PlayStation 3 at launch?  The trick is coming up with a convincing excuse.  "I want to stay home and play a video game for a few days" won't get you many approvals for time off, but "I have to save a mythic land from certain destruction" may win you some points.  After all, employers tend to not want delusional people around.