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Conker loves a good dealSeveral years after then-gaming upstart Microsoft swooped in and bought Nintendo's golden second party developer Rare for $377 million, the gang over at the rllmukforum are intelligently discussing whether or not the company was a smart buy.  Considering that Rare's output since the purchase hasn't been exactly stellar, lots of folks come down on the side that the company turned out to be a bad buy.  Others say that at the time it was a smart decision, but Microsoft overpaid.  The debate rages on.

Nintendo and the Stampers must have thought it was their birthday. You had a developer descending into absolute crisis, and everyone with a stake in the company looking to sell up before it all went tits up. It was obvious to anyone with half a brain that if Nintendo are selling what appears to be one of their biggest assets so easily, something must be seriously wrong somewhere.  Microsoft were clearly blinded by the opportunity to make it look like they fucked Nintendo over in the eyes of the public and they paid an almighty price for it.

At the time I was crushed by the sale like many Nintendo fans were, as we'd just come off of a generation packed with great titles like Goldeneye 007, Banjo-Kazooie, and Blast CorpsStar Fox Adventures was seen as a sort of farewell from the company.  Then the Rare magic just kind of went away, and with the exception of a little sparkle here and there it hasn't really been back.  All these years later, however, I hold out hope for a new installment of Blast Corps.