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The Hunt For More Nintendo Figurines Begins

Super Mario figurinesLooks like it's back to eBay for me.  I'm told that my collection of seven Super Mario figurines manufactured in 1989 by Applause is not actually complete.  PTB reader LBD "Nytetrayn" tells me that there are a few more figurines in the series, such as Princess Toadstool, Little Mac (from Punch Out!!), Link, Koopa Paratroopa, and Mario holding a large hammer.  There's also a whole line of springy figures and pencil toppers from the same production run, but my interest lies only in these standalone versions.  These last few figurines had better be the end of the line, however, as I'm running out of space on top of my television to display them.  If I manage to acquire the remaining five figurines, I may well need to get a larger television.  Wow, having a complete collection sure can be expensive!