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The Games Of Stargate

Chevron sevenThe Stargate SG-1 television series recently celebrated its 200th episode, and as part of the festivities the Stargate fan site has launched a special feature looking at all of the Stargate video games.  Yes, of course there have been Stargate video games.  Most people may be most familiar with the canceled Stargate SG-1: The Alliance, but the Stargate legacy extends to the 16-bit systems of yesterday as well as handheld and mobile content, too.

Despite the many Stargate games, I'm still disappointed by the cancellation of The Alliance.  The 16-bit games based on the original 1994 film don't really capture the soul of the Stargate mythos, as it's just an Acclaim-produced film license tie-in game created to generate some quick cash back in the day.  The handheld games are just puzzle titles with the Stargate license strapped to it.  The PC-based MMORPG coming in the future just doesn't excite me either.  I'm still waiting for the great grand Stargate game.