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Super NES CD-ROM Travel back in time to the days when CD-ROM technology was going to revolutionize gaming, a time when Night Trap and The 7th Guest were cutting edge entertainment, a time when Sewer Shark for the Sega CD was just the beginning of the digital revolution!  We all know the saga of Nintendo and Sony briefly partnering to work on a CD add-on for the Super NES, but one thing that's been lost to time are the technical schematics and diagrams of how the peripheral would have functioned.  The crew at AssemblerGames have gone digging and come up with several scans from the magazines of the era that describe how the future belonged to the compact disc.

While in the end it's probably for the best that the Super NES CD-ROM project never materialized, I sometimes wonder what Nintendo could have come up with in the way of original games.  I don't think anyone would have bought the add-on just to play The 7th Guest.  People buy Nintendo consoles to get to those sweet Nintendo franchises.  What would The Legend of Zelda CD have been like?  Could Star Fox CD have brought real character voices to Fox McCloud and friends a generation before the Nintendo 64's Star Fox 64?  How large of a world would Mario have had to explore in Super Mario CD?  Or would the whole software line have been doomed to follow in Sega's Make My Video footsteps?  Some questions just don't have answers.