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Recovered Wii Memo It Ain't

Reginald Fils-AimeI see that my work has not been in vain.  I've spent the last year or so smashing down the baseless gaming rumors that pop up online, and when I saw this supposed memo/speech supposedly written by Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime for a supposed Nintendo press event next month, I was all ready to go into debunk mode.  Then I saw I didn't have to.  Plenty of people have seen the memo for the fraud it is, both by pointing out the consistent use of the same set of creases in the pages produced by a Photoshop filter and the outright bizarre nature of the content of those pages, such as a release of that on-again/off-again/may-not-exist Metroid Dread title and a revival of that Wii helmet-mounted display gimmick that some fan dreamed up last year.

May I put one last bullet in this whimpering memo?  If you've ever heard Fils-Aime speak then you have to have picked up on the man's confident tone.  This memo, however, waffles in places, and I believe Fils-Aime would never waver in such a manner during a public event.  Plus, the speech refers to the Wii itself as the "Nintendo Wii", a designation that Nintendo has shied away from, preferring instead to call the console simply "Wii".  Listen to the Nintendo press conference from E3 2006.  Fils-Aime never refers to the console as anything but "Wii".  The secrets of the Wii are certainly forthcoming, but they aren't found in this fraud of a memo.  Carry on.