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Once Upon A Time In Your Wildest Dreams

Wind Fish We spend so much time playing in virtual worlds that it shouldn't be such a surprise that our subconsciouses want to keep playing after the consoles are turned off and the lights go out for bed.  The gang at the rllmuk forum are discussing dreams based on or inspired by video games, such as running through Goldeneye 007's Facility level or fleeing zombies from Resident Evil.  It's an interesting look at which game elements stick with us and become ingrained in our minds.

Surprisingly, I do not dream about video games very often.  However, as a kid I'd often "play" puzzle games such as Dr. Mario and Tetris Attack in my sleep, rotating blocks and shifting shapes in my mind's eye.  Imagine my disappointment at waking up to realize that my incredible high score existed only in my wildest dreams.