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Call Of Duty 3 Did you ever think you'd see the day when a television reality show was based on a video game franchise?  The upcoming Call Of Duty 3 from Activision is the center of the new Spike TV show Game Head: Call Of Duty 3: Challenge (note to Spike TV: title needs more colons).  The whole production is loaded with product placement galore, as Best Buy and GameSpot are providing prizes and hosting contestant applications respectively.  So what's the show about?  Sixteen chosen contestants will battle it out in Call Of Duty 3 for a national audience.  Yup, you're expected to watch someone else play a game.

Will folks tune in? You never know. If you ask someone stuck in the 1990s if they could fathom poker playing on television as a major draw today, that person would probably laugh in your face. As we have grown to learn in way too many hit reality shows, it's often the caliber of the contestant personalities that defines success over the actual gameplay. Besides, the creators of the show are saddling video game bouts with physical boot camp challenges so it will likely prove entertaining, with or without military crew cuts on the way in.

I'm no fan of the reality TV genre, so I won't be tuning in for this.  I can't even imagine how it could be entertaining.  The whole point of modern video games is to play them, not watch someone else play.  When is the last time you played a multiplayer game that relied on alternating turns between players?  We don't like to just watch games anymore.  We want to be immersed in them.  And don't get me started on the boot camp segments.  This whole production sounds like a pile of product placement opportunities in search of a justifiable TV show.

(via TVTattle)