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Early version of Metroid: Zero MissionAs gamers we all fixate and obsess over screenshots of games in development, but then once the final version of the game lands in our hands we forget all about that "making of" material.  Why not go back and take a look at the previous forms of our favorite games?  The NeoGAF forums are doing just that by posting up screenshots of game versions gone by, both recent and retro.

You'll find the usual round of suspects in there (such as the many permutations of Resident Evil 4), but don't miss such sights as Raccoon Mario in Super Mario World, Kirby Tilt 'n Tumble 2 for the Nintendo GameCube (unreleased), a very cartoony Metroid: Zero Mission, Magikoopa as a playable character in "Super Mario Kart R", the adventures of Conker before undergoing a "mature" makeover, a long look at the long gone Earthbound 64, and a horrid early look at what was then called "Metroid IV" before becoming the more familiar (and better) Metroid Fusion.  There's more than just Nintendo to be found, however.  There's also early tastes of Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, Banjo Pilot, Sonic the Hedgehog, Dead Rising, Halo, Castlevania, EverQuest, Ultima, *cough* Superman 64, and many more.