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Applause For Retro Mario Figurines

Super Mario figurinesI collected all kinds of Nintendo memorabilia when I was a kid, and although I saved some of my beloved licensed products into adulthood, one set of items that I continued to acquire over the years are these little 2" tall plastic resin figurines based on elements from Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2.  Produced by Applause in 1989, there are seven figures in the collection.  Two of them I bought way back when they were new, while the rest came to me a piece at a time through eBay, with the collection finally becoming what I believe to be complete just one month ago.  Today they're arranged atop my bedroom television as the last example of the Nintendo products that once completely adorned my childhood bedroom.  Presented below are photographs of each figurine.  Click on the pictures to take a closer look.

Mario with a mushroom

Luigi running

Mario climbs a vine

Mario with a turnip (A)

Mario throws a fireball

Mario atop a Koopa Troopa

Mario with a turnip (B)