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Venture Inside The Nintendo Museum

Nintendo of America Never let it be said that working for Nintendo of America doesn't have its perks.  A few of AMN's top brass were recently invited out to the company's Washington headquarters for a little tour of (for lack of a better term) Nintendo's own history museum.  Marvel at all of the Nintendo products and tie-ins on display, seethe with jealousy at the game wall where all of Nintendo's products are available for employees to borrow for free, and gawk at the employee-only shop where all kinds of Nintendo products are sold at discounted prices.

Nintendo Fun & Games, NOA's internal employee stores includes several Nintendo wearables, furniture, kitchen supplies, and of course games at a seriously discounted rate. A regular DS Lite would cost you just slightly above $100 here, and hard-to-find collectibles such as the Nintendo Monopoly game would make any Hot Topic shopper jealous. Shirts cost less than $10 here (for all designs). Without a doubt, any Nintendo fan can deck out their houses, cars, and gaming set-ups with more GameCube and DS games available also at a discounted rate (refurbished games included).

Maybe it's just me, but if I worked for Nintendo of America I'd never get any work done because I would always be down in the museum and shops taking the money Nintendo paid me and turning it right back to them in exchange for products.  It's a vicious cycle, that's for sure.  Nintendo employees must be made of strong stuff to resist the ever-present lure of Mario's treasures.