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We'll Always Have Los Angeles

E3 logoAnd just like that... just like that!... the spectacle that was the Electronic Entertainment Expo is gone.  I'm surprised to hear so many people cheer at E3's demise.  There's nothing like a death in the family to bring out the muckraking and bitterness in the mourners.  I come here not to speak ill of the dead, however, but to remember some grand times at what in retrospect felt like another dimension; a world where everyone knows that Dodongo hates smoke and that Earth really is full of things.  Gaming will go on, of course, but covering gaming news will never be the same.  I'm unsure if that is good or bad.

I've been reading and listening to all kinds of anti-E3 sentiment; everything from high costs of attending (from both publisher folks from the booths and journalist buddies picking up the cost of hotels and meals) to the really long lines on the show floor to the general flashy atmosphere of the expo itself.  I've even heard some journalists go on about how much they hated covering the show and are glad that it's dead.  I don't understand how anyone could hate the event that is responsible for such memories as:

Whatever form the media junkets take will surely have some advantages and fun attached, but there's absolutely nothing like the old fashioned bright and blaring E3.  Ah, memories.