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Weekly Poll: Skewed Timeline

Weekly Poll for 6-28-06Hmm, for some reason I'd have thought more people were fans of the Street Fighter Alpha series.  Oh well, to each their own, right?  Maybe I should be glad I didn't ask about Mortal Kombat instead...

There are a lot of untaken roads in the video game industry and sometimes I wonder how some event that should be a foregone conclusion does not actually happen.  What industry-shaking event should have happened, but did not?  Lots of people predicted glory for Sega with their Dreamcast console and certain doom for Microsoft with the Xbox, but of course just the opposite occurred.  Nintendo's "third pillar" was an update of the old Game & Watch hardware and not a Virtual Boy for a new era.  Sony was beaten to the online gaming hub world by Microsoft.  We live in a crazy world.  What event was supposed to make it more sane?  Cast your vote and leave some comments.  I promise that next week's poll won't be so metaphysical.