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Weekly Poll: Collection Overload

Weekly Poll for 7-17-2006The Katamari players and the non-Katamari players are pretty much split evenly.  I can't really decide what I expected the results to be, as I was mainly just curious about things.  I completed Katamari Damacy earlier in the week by rolling up 730 meters worth of things to make the moon.  I think I can beat my old time and roll a bigger katamari though.  Looks like it's back to Earth for me.

As for this week, there's something else that has me curious.  I recently did an entry on a 1989 Nelsonic Super Mario game watch, and while I was writing it I got to thinking about all of the Nintendo merchandise I had as a kid.  Like I've said before, I had the bedsheets, the trash can, the game watch, the storage trunk (still have that, actually), the water bottle, the towel, the t-shirt, the drinking glasses, the cup & cereal bowl set, the pencils, the stuffed Mario toy, the notebooks, the folders, the kite, the calendars, the board game, the birthday cake, the comic books, the figurines, the trophies, and the game pak storage case.  I ate the ice cream sandwiches, the ice cream bars, the fruit snacks, and the cereal.  I drank the soda.  Many of these things were discarded or used up over the years, although I kept a few things as childhood mementos.  How much gaming merchandise have you owned over the years?  Don't count games or console hardware; only the toys and cups and cakes and the like.  Cast your vote and tell us about some of your favorite things in the comments section below.