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n-Space Opens New Studio

GeistOrlando, FL-based game developer n-Space has opened a new studio.  Neat, eh?  AMN has learned that the new division, n-Space North, is actually just right across the way from the "old" facility, n-Space South.  I mention this not because it really impacts you in any way, but because I'm supposed to be visiting n-Space in the near future for a tour of the facilities.  The tour will unfortunately be off the record, but I can still brag about it.

I last visited n-Space back in early 2003 when the company was gearing up to work with Nintendo on the supernatural shooter that eventually became Geist.  The company was in the process of moving to its new offices back then (those then-new offices are now n-Space South), so there wasn't much to see beyond some Nintendo GameCube development hardware and some of the staff playing the not-released-in-America-yet The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker imported fresh from Japan.  Again, this doesn't really impact you in any way, but I can still brag about it.