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It's A Stanley The Talking Fish Cameo!

Stanley in Shortpacked Back when comic book publisher Valiant had the rights to produce comics based on Nintendo's famous cast of characters (circa 1990) the writers behind the stories decided to introduce some new non-game characters into the World of Nintendo.  One of those characters was Stanley the Talking Fish, a light magenta fish who talked nonstop to whomever was around, thereby driving characters crazy.  He never really caught on among readers because, well, he was just as annoying to us readers as he was to the characters in the comics. 

A few weeks ago the character popped up for a cameo in the online comic Shortpacked.  I hadn't thought about Stanley in a long time, so when I came across him in the comic while reading through the archives I immediately broke out in laughter.  I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who used to read those old Nintendo comics back in the day, plus I'm glad to see that he lives on to annoy a whole new generation of fictional characters.