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Phoenix Wright Fear not, citizen, for earlier today I was sworn into the greatest law organization in the land: the Justice League!  Or maybe it was just jury duty.  It's hard to tell based on the hyperbole dished out by the folks running the courthouse.  Knowing I'd have a long, mostly uneventful day ahead of me, I came prepared with my Nintendo DS and a few games.  I only had so much space in my pocket, so I picked games with multiplayer potential so I could play a game with anyone else who brought a DS to the jury room.

The majority of the 150 or so people called for jury duty this day were much older than the typical video game demographic.  Brain Age or not, the older folks had no games on hand.  Browsing around the room revealed two potential jurors around my age with DSs, and they were each playing New Super Mario Bros. alone and on opposite sides of the room.  Nobody was interested in a Tetris challenge or some Mario Kart racing.  I saw no Game Boy Advance units, nor did I see any Sony PlayStation Portables.  So, what did we learn from this experience?  First, my county needs more gamers.  Secondly, security guards manning the metal detectors at the courthouse entrance are stymied by a Nintendo DS and will examine it curiously when it shows up on the x-ray machine screen.  Finally, the next time I do jury duty I should focus on bringing single-player games for myself.  Oh, and upholding justice and so on and so forth.