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Mario as an artist Fan-created comics based on video games are great, but sometimes I just want to take a step back from multiple panels and take in a single artistic composition.  It has been a while since I'd been back to Lifemeter Comics and I was surprised at how much the online art gallery there has grown.  There are clever and talented interpretations of such gaming classics as Bubble Bobble, Altered Beast, and even Parappa the Rappa.  Don't miss the sub-galleries of artwork based on Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda.  Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the collection and the artist behind them listed in no particular order:

Kirby (Stephanie Yue)
Bubble Bobble (Matt Putnam-Pouliot)
Duck Hunt (Zack Giallongo)
Mario (Bill Mudron)
Toad (Debbie Huey)
Wind Waker (Bannister)
Mario (Matthew Armstrong)

And who says games are not art, eh?