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EarthboundLike so many other ideas and concepts in our modern world, I want to believe in the rumor that Nintendo is on the verge of releasing a compilation of the three Mother (Earthbound) titles on a single Nintendo DS game card in North America.  Yes, this is the rumor that so many of us have been waiting for.  In fact, I called for such a compilation last year (although my idea was for a Game Boy Advance set, but I'll gladly take a DS one instead).  The only thing about this rumor that troubles me is this:

To make the deal sweeter, Nintendo would make it... have touch-screen capabilities.

I have mixed feelings about rejiggering classic gameplay to include new innovations unavailable in the original game.  If touch-screen elements could be carefully integrated, I may go for it.  Bolting the elements on as an afterthought almost never works.  In the original Super NES title Earthbound players can confirm menu choices with the L button.  That shoulder button allows for players to advance through menus with that same hand as the one using the control pad.  For some reason I found it easier to control it that way, anyway.  So what would I like to see on the second DS screen?  City maps, for one thing.  But no direct walkthroughs!  Don't highlight the next destination.  Part of the charm of Earthbound was to have to figure out Ness's next move for myself.  I don't want added help.  This is a long list of demands for a compilation merely rumored and highly desired, but if Nintendo is going to produce this set, they may as well do it right.