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Asustek To World: "Stop Talking About PS3 Shipments!"

Sony PlayStation 3It's so cute when companies think they can control how and when regular people talk about their products.  Remember when Sony tried to silence talk of the PlayStation 3 last year?  Or when Capcom told people not to watch the Resident Evil 5 trailer?  Or when Square demanded nobody talk about Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria until the appointed time?  Add Asustek to the list of those who think they can stop the rumor flood.  Apparently we weren't supposed to find out that the company has begun delivering PS3s to Sony and is making threats to anyone who continues to blab (oops!).

Via Taiwan's financial hub, the company yesterday issued a sternly worded warning to the media about the reports, stating that it would sue any outlets that had damaged relationships with its clients.

It amazes me that there are still people out there who believe they can make news and discussion on the Internet just "go away" when something breaks that they don't want made known.  Consider whatever analogy you like: stuffing the genie back in the bottle, taking pee out of a swimming pool, etc.  Once talk is out there, it's there to stay.  Besides, it's not like someone leaked the schematics to build your own PlayStation.  At best we had a rumor that Asustek had begun producing finished PS3 consoles.  Doesn't the fact that the company acted so quickly to silence that rumor lend some weight to the idea that it's true?  Maybe this is why so many companies have a policy of not commenting on rumors or speculation.  Attempting to silence people is a virtual confirmation of truth in this day and age.