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Afternoons At The Clubhouse

Clubhouse Games Add another listing to the games of Nintendo's Touch Generations series.  The company has a compilation set in the works for the Nintendo DS that features 42 all-time classic games, such as poker, chess, darts, backgammon, and many more.  Clubhouse Games (known as 42 All-Time Classics in Europe) also includes local & online multiplayer, in-game PictoChatting, and the most generic name for a video game ever published in Europe.  AMN has the story.

I'm surprised that Nintendo hasn't released a collection like this sooner.  After all, we're dealing with public domain games aimed at a general audience.  Talk about a license to print money.  What makes this collection stand out is the online multiplayer mode.  This set could become the defacto online DS game, as everybody has to know and like at least one game featured in Clubhouse.  The game launches in Europe at the end of September and in North America near the beginning of October.  Who's up for a game of checkers?