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AMN's "Advanced Life" Launches

AMN logoThe Powers That Be over at AMN have been trying for some time to add a whimsical web comic to the network, and after talking to artists and testing concepts the time has come for the comic to finally launch.  "The Advanced Life" follows the exploits of AMN's staff as we work to build the network beyond what it is today.  It's off to a good start (even if the debut strip relies a little too much on a staff in-joke).  New comics will be posted every Friday.  Everybody on staff at AMN will eventually appear, so I'll mention the comic again when I show up in the storyline.

And speaking of AMN, we're hiring again.  This time we're searching the globe for news editors for a variety of channels, so if you have a talent for writing and an interest in becoming involved with the video game industry, check out the requirements and consider applying.  Remember that joining the staff doesn't guarantee you free consoles and games, but it does offer the opportunity for challenging work and a whole stack of assignments during E3 time.  Oh, and you'll eventually appear in "The Advanced Life", too.  Who says there are no perks in the game industry?