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A Minor Variation

Pikachu Nintendo 64UPDATE: And if this isn't enough, PTB reader Kat has a larger variation list that will make your wallet cry out in anguish.

Do you want the purple Nintendo GameCube or the black one?  Do you want the black Sega Game Gear or the white one?  The silver Sony PlayStation 2 or the aqua one?  Too many decisions!  Let's just buy them all and put a catalog of system variations up online.  Someone out there with money to burn and storage space to spare has put together a listing of each console's color variations and hardware configurations.  I never understood the need for a bunch of console colors.  I can see why we have the basic home electronics colors (black, white, and gray), but what is with all the purple, aqua, pink, gold, orange, and Pikachu?  All my consoles are black or gray and I likes 'em that way!  Kids these days with their crazy colors, *mumble* *mumble*, get off my lawn!