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Weep For Castlevania

Leon BelmontRemember that Castlevania movie that was announced a while ago?  Like Count Dracula himself it looks as though the movie will suck.  Writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson has talked a little about the plot of the upcoming film in an interview with Sci-Fi Wire and from the sound of things he plans to rewrite the story behind the birth of Dracula and the origin of the Belmont clan, a story that was featured prominently in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence for the Sony PlayStation 2.

"The take on Castlevania is: What Paul has done in writing it is to try and integrate a Dracula origin story into Castlevania, the story of the Belmonts," Bolt said. The game, which originally appeared in 1986, and its sequels focus on the vampire-hunting Belmont clan. "There is a fair amount of reference [to the game]," Bolt said of the proposed movie. "We always try to give the fans something that respects their love of the game, but also gives them something completely new. We've given a whole new spin on Castlevania."

Please, please, Mr. Anderson, don't break Castlevania.  There's so much potential for a solid action/horror movie in the franchise that it doesn't need a re-imagining.  Popular non-movie stories are often condensed for film (such as Spider-Man's exploits or Batman's motives), but let's not step all over the Castlevania canon.  New elements are fine, but not at the expense of dumping established characters and iconic events.  I have a bad feeling that the overall Castlevania plot will be chopped to bits.  Dracula should not turn out to be the long lost Belmont brother, nor should the Belmonts themselves be vampires in secret out to atone for generations of murder.  Oh, and the starring Belmont had better have a whip!