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Weekly Poll: You Have Fists Of God!

Weekly Poll for 6-21-2006I'm glad that I'm not the only one who carries a gaming device around with me.  My Nintendo DS is commonly found in my pocket when I know I'll be somewhere where I'll have time to kill.  I've heard from some people that the Nintendo DS is too large to carry in a pocket, but I have to admit that it's not an issue for me.  Maybe I just have big pockets.

Moving on, Capcom recently released another collection of fantastic games.  This time it's the Street Fighter Alpha series that gets the anthology treatment in Street Fighter Alpha Anthology for the Sony PlayStation 2.  Up until I played this collection I hadn't been much for Street Fighter titles, but for some reason this set has made me a fan.  For some reason I prefer Street Fighter Alpha 2 over the other games on the disc.  How about you?  What do you believe is the best Street Fighter Alpha game of all time?  Lump the various variations of the games (Gold, Upper, etc.) into one version of the game if you please.  Cast your vote and leave some comments.  Hadouken!